Weihnachtsgeschenk Guide 2021

Not sure what to gift the flutist in your life? 

FCNY's Holiday Gift Guide has the perfect gift for any flute-lover!

  1. Fluterscooter Silber Tasche
  2. Fluterscooter Tasche aus rotem Lackleder
  3. Flutissimo Leather Bag 
  4. In-Bell Stands by Konig-Meyer 
  5. Wooden Stand by Woodwind Design 
  6. A Woodify Ring
  7. Lefreque Sound Bridge 
  8. BG Flute Glove 
  9. Roi Flute Master Cleaner 
  10. Roi flute warmer 
  11. Crescendo Cozy 
  12. Two Piper's Piping duets
  13. Big Book of Christmas Songs 
  14. James Galway's Christmas Album 
  15. Di Zhao Flute Model 400 
  16. Burkart Resona Piccolo 
  17. Trevor James Silver-Plated Alto 


Now that many gigs and concerts are back on (yay!), flutists everywhere are ready for a Flötentasche upgrade! Stay festive with a Fluterscooter Silber Tasche (1) oder Fluterscooter Tasche aus rotem Lackleder (2), or splurge on a luxurious Flutissimo Leather Bag (3.)

Another gig-essential? An instrument stand! We can't tell you how many flutes get damaged every year after rolling off their owner's lap - don't let it happen to you! We love the portable in-bell stands by Konig-Meyer (4), or you can opt for a stunning wooden stand by Woodwind Design (5.)

What is one thing every flutist is obsessed over? Their tone. A Woodify Ring (6) or a Lefreque Sound Bridge (7) is the perfect performance aid for the flutist looking to change things up without purchasing an entirely new instrument.

Show them that you Care indem man ihnen a flute care item! A BG Flute Glove (8) makes it easy to remove fingerprints from their instruments, while a Roi Flute Master Cleaner (9) keeps the inside of their instrument clean and dry.

Brr.. it's cold outside! Help keep their instrument warm mit Roi flute warmer (10) or a Crescendo Cozy (11.)

Give the gift inspiration! FCNY now offers a huge selection of Noten. Some of our seasonal favorites include Two Piper's Piping duets (12), der Big Book of Christmas Songs (13) und James Galway's Christmas Album (14), but our Weihnachtskollektion has plenty of hits for the holidays.

And the best gift of all? A neues Instrument, of course! Pictured here are the Di Zhao Flute Model 400 (15) Burkart Resona Piccolo (16) Trevor James Silver-Plated Alto (17), but you can also contact FCNY’s Resident Flutists to help you make the perfect selection for your special someone! 

Contact us today for all of your holiday shopping needs!